Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hmmm today was interesting.

You know when you have those horrible days where you don't feel like doing anything at all? That was today for me, short and sweet, yet boring as all hell. I couldn't possibly do anything except sleep and get ready for work tomorrow. And here I am, after sleeping all day it's almost 4am and I can't seem to get tired enough to fall asleep. I'm also hungry, which is not a good thing considering I am on a diet... but I am rocking out some bagel crisps and tomato soup... which I guess is better than actual tomato basil chips.

I have to say, crystal light packets are a god sent, I don't know about you but I hate drinking straight water... but when I pour in that little amazing sugar packet, I smile. They are rather amazing little things... I have to say :)

I didn't really do any "workout" today... even though I probably should have, I hate counting calories... so I guess in the end it really doesn't matter. I walk when I can, and run when I want. I cut everything I eat in half... which definitely helps but doesn't always do the best it can for a girl as tall as me.

I just decided in the last month I am sick of being a blob... and in general so unhealthy... I can't stand it anymore, so I took the initiative and decided to start eating better and working out. As well as start this blog so I can see what progress I am making, as well as learn what I might be doing wrong in the meantime. So far this seems more like a diary than a actual blog for working out, but I assume I can figure out some sort of chart system to use for a bit until I figure out something more permanent.

Anyways! That is it for today, I will be posting tomorrow night/morning, I'm going to walk about 2 miles with Dave then possibly cook some basil chicken :) Yum! I will also be putting up recipes I use in the next few weeks when I figure it all out.